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ASPnet (UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network)

The Network of UNESCO Associated Schools can be qualified as a truly international network – in the beginning only 33 UNESCO Member States were involved in this project, till this day the number increased to 181 Member States.

The UNESCO Associated Schools Project was established in 1953 and it represents a network of approximately 10 000 educational institutions. The main intention of this project was to promote the participation of schools in projects aimed at strengthening human, ethical and cultural dimension of education. Member institutions – beginning with kindergartens, through primary, secondary and vocational schools to institutions for training teachers – cooperate in order to promote international understanding, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development and quality education in practice. The priority of the project is to educate for peace, cooperation in the protection of human rights and the promotion of freedoms and also the environmental education of young generations.

Encouraging closer links and joint projects between schools from different countries and different continents, ASPnet also functions as a catalyst for international cooperation and so fulfills one of the UNESCO’s main tasks.  


The list of UNESCO Associated Schools can be found here: