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ASPnet (UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network)

UNESCO network of associated schools was established in 1953, regrouping 33 schools in 15 countries across the world. Today, more than 11 500 member schools in 182 countries participate in the programme. The network brings together educational institutions around the world, from kindergartens through elementary and high schools to institutions of vocational training. These schools join their effort to strengthen human, ethical and cultural dimension of education. The ASPnet project is aimed at education for peace and protection of human rights, as well as environmental education of young generation.

The ASPnet is also a source of innovation in education, thanks to the development and dissemination of innovative educational materials as well as the promotion of new teaching and learning approaches based on the core values and priorities of UNESCO. The network engages in capacity building and participatory learning in specific thematic areas. The aim of their activities is to enable the associated school, its staff and pupils to become a model in their community and beyond.

In Slovakia, 25 primary and secondary schools are currently involved in the project. University Library in Bratislava coordinates the work of the network in Slovakia, provides consultation on the process of joining this network and organizes educational events focused on the core priorities of the ASP project. The annual Conference of UNESCO associated schools, organized by the University Library, puts emphasis on the latest information on UNESCO programmes and projects and it has become a platform for the presentation of UNESCO-related activities that schools have implemented over the school year.

More information on UNESCO associated schools available at: https://aspnet.unesco.org/en-us