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Section for education and training

Department for Education of SC UNESCO

The priorities of the Department:

-            Strengthening the national capacities in order to develop and implement policies in the area of lifelong learning;

-            Strenghtening the national capacities in order to improve the quality of literacy programmes;

-            Enhancing the capacities of UNESCO Member States in the area of formulating and implementation of policies aimed at transforming vocational training;

-            Strenghtening the national capacities in order to develop demonstrable policies in higher education designed to meet the challenges of equity, quality, inclusion, enlargement and mobility;

-            Strenghtening the national capacities through regional cooperation in order to develop and implement policies and strategies in relation to teachers with the aim to enhance the quality of education and to promote gender equality;

-            Developing a Centre for inclusive education of disadvantaged children in Central and Eastern Europe as a virtual centre with international jurisdiction at the Research Institute of Child Psychology and Pathopsychology which would ensure services in the area of methodology, research, information, publication, advice and consultation in the given region;

-            Implementation of the project Through Teachers and Mothers to Roma and other Disadvantaged Children – focus on pre-school education supported by the UNESCO’s Participation programme as a training programme for teachers who work with Roma and other disadvantaged children in pre-school age in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.


Research Institute of Child Psychology and Pathopsychology,                                       PhDr. Dagmar Kopčanová
Research Section                                                                                                                     Head of education and training
Cyprichova 42
831 05  Bratislava

Tel. 00421 - 2 - 4342 - 0973
 e-mail: dagmar.kopcanova@vudpap.sk

Information about the activities of this Department for Education of SC UNESCO may be found here: http://www.vudpap.sk/sk/spolupraca-s-unesco/



UNESCO Programmes:

LIFE – Literacy Initiative for Empowerment, 2006 – 2015, involves 35 states which represent 85% of the illiterate population of the world.      

EDUCAIDS – Global Initiative on Education and HIV/AIDS, 2006 – 2015, for 46 states of the Sub-Saharan Africa

EFA – Education for All by 2015

TTISSA – Teacher Training Initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa

ESD – Education for Sustainable Development, within the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005 – 2014

GEFI – Global Education First Initiative 2012 – 2016