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Basic information


Basic information, role and assignments

UNESCO is the only international organization within the UN system which is based on mutual cooperation with its National Committees in UNESCO Member States.  

The Government of the Slovak Republic, at its meeting held on the 12th of January 1993, decided on the establishment of the Slovak Commission for UNESCO (SC UNESCO) and approved its Statute (Resolution no. 6 of 12th January 1993). The Commission was constituted in the first half of 1993. The Bodies of the SC UNESCO are: the Plenum, the Bureau, specialized Departments and its Secretariat which falls under the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic. The Commission and its Secretariat ensure the implementation of UNESCO activities in Slovakia. The coordination of activities in the area of international and intergovernmental UNESCO programmes is done by corresponding Slovak Councils for the particular UNESCO programme, specialized Departments and the Information and Documentation Centre of UNESCO in the University Library in Bratislava. The role of the Commission is to promote activities of the UNESCO programmes in the field of education, science, culture, environment, information and informatics and for that purpose to acquire and engage in cooperation with various experts from different organizations, institutions and corresponding departments of relevant ministries as well as with individuals on relevant projects.   

The main duties of SC UNESCO:

1)   SC UNESCO is an advisory body of the Slovak Government and of the National Council of the Slovak Republic in all issues concerning UNESCO and its programme(s).

2)   It ensures active participation of Slovakia in planning, preparation, realization and evaluation of the individual UNESCO programmes.

3)   It informs the general public and the relevant institutions about the UNESCO activities.

4)   It coordinates all activities resulting from the cooperation with UNESCO with government authorities, ministries and various organizations.  

5)   It serves as a conjunction between the UNESCO Secretariat in Paris and the national authorities and institutions.

6)   It promotes cooperation in the field of science, culture and education with other National Commissions. 

7)   It provides the proposals of suitable candidates to the UNESCO governing bodies.

8)   It supports the nominations of the Slovak Republic in connection with the UNESCO World Heritage List, UNESCO Memory of the World Register, and other.