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Visit Novohrad-Nógrád,a UNESCO Global Geopark

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UNESCO Global Geoparks are unique geological areas in which landscapes of international importance are managed with a holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development. Their bottom-up approach combining protection with sustainable development and the involvement of local ...

UNESCO protects the "living heritage" of humankind

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UNESCO is renowned for its efforts to preserve the universal heritage of humankind, whether it is historical monuments, natural treasures, objects and places of cultural significance, or documentary heritage. One of the most important UNESCO programs is therefore the protection of diversity of ...

Wooden churches of the Slovak Carpathians

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  Slovakia is famous for its natural beauty as well as its rich cultural heritage, such as the unique wooden churches of the Carpathians, which were constructed strictly without the use of metallic nails. Wooden churches are either Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, Orthodox, or Evangelical. They ...

Wandering through Slovak natural heritage

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Summer is an ideal time to wander in Slovak nature and discover rare natural treasures, several of which have gained international recognition for their unique value and beauty. Many natural sites in Slovakia bear a UNESCO brand, whether it is one of our four UNESCO Biosphere Reserves (Poľana, ...