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Stable delegation of SR in UNESCO

Permanent Delegation to UNESCO

Slovakia is represented in UNESCO, Paris, by its Permanent Delegation to UNESCO, similarly, as are many other UNESCO Member States. The Slovak Permanent Delegation to UNESCO falls under the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in France. The Permanent Delegation of the Slovak Republic ensures contact with the UNESCO Secretariat and with other Permanent Delegations to UNESCO. It represents the interests of Slovakia within UNESCO.  

The Permanent Delegate of Slovakia to UNESCO (Ambassador): JUDr. Igor Grexa



Permanent Delegation of the Slovak Republic to UNESCO

1, rue Miollis

75352 Paris

Cedex 15

Republic of France



Tel.: 0033-1 / 4568 3537, 4568 3538

Fax: 0033-1 / 4449 0103

E-mail: dl.slovak-republic@unesco-delegations.org